Boxing Day: Liverpool v Blackburn Rovers and meeting Alan Kennedy

It has been a few years since I’ve been up to Liverpool to watch a game of football. When I was a student in the city I seem to remember going most weekends, but now, living in the south, there are fewer opportunities to go and it’s even harder to get tickets.

This Christmas though, Tany managed to get her hands on a ticket for me so I spent Boxing Day morning driving north to watch a game of football.

Got to say, the game wasn’t anything special. Liverpool should have won, but not because they were brilliant, more because Blackburn are really poor.

The real highlight though was meeting Alan Kennedy in the pub after the game. Not an official thing, he was just there and so were we. He scored the winning goal in the 1981 European Cup Final, and was kind enough to shake our hands and spend a couple of minutes talking about the game.

Of course a visit to Liverpool wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Tavern Co for breakfast. This used to happen quite regularly when we were at university, but back then it wasn’t with the kids.